Should You Be Friends With The Dealer?

A paradoxical situation has developed in the 马来西亚合法网上赌场 gambling community. It will be about the constant companions of gambling – the croupier. Some players treat the casino staff with respect and understanding, while other visitors do not perceive the dealer as a person and either do not notice him at all, or treat him with contempt. However, if a visitor of a gambling establishment is playing a game against the casino, then, in this case, the dealer is in any case on the other side of the barricades.

In this situation, the dealer’s main task is to prevent the player from winning and taking possession of his money. But is everything as monosyllabic as we described at the beginning of this article?

About The Essence Of The Stickman

Dealers in gambling establishments occupy a position in casinos, akin to waiters in restaurants. They say that one cannot do without them at all, however, they offer visitors only a product to the production of which they have minimal relation. Indeed, the croupiers do not own the casino, they do not develop rules, do not lay down a mathematical advantage, do not issue discounts, and do not launch draws.

The dealer strictly obeys the instructions and 马来西亚网上casino rules, and often he simply does not have the opportunity to act somehow at his own discretion, deviating from the rules.

Difficulties arise here in presentation, since the croupier is a human factor that influences the outcome of the game in any case. For example, a roulette wheel – an experienced casino employee will quickly merge all your strategies, if his professionalism is enough to hit the balls in the right sectors.

Serving a blackjack table, the croupier may, at his own discretion, cut off in a shoe by a certain percentage more or less cards than it should be according to the rules, directly influencing the efforts of players who try to count cards.

Some personal conflicts with the dealer are not the lot of experienced players, since a lot will depend on this person. In any case, he will certainly succeed in significantly reducing the comfort from the game, and if the dealer makes every effort to beat the client, in order, as you think, to show superiority, just remember that he is at work and obeys the rules of the casino.

On The Confrontation Between Players And Croupiers

A reasonable question arises – is the game worth the candle, how profitable is the croupier to make any additional efforts in order to leave the player with a nose? Everything here will depend on the policy of the gambling establishment. In many Western casinos, the croupiers are not even related to tips and, as a rule, they have no interest in the result. As a result, the croupiers are courteous with their clients, and they do not care about winning or losing the casino.

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