Dealer Mistakes As A Way To Get An Edge Over The Casino

Today, there is a lot of talk on specialized resources – they say, how can you deprive a gambling establishment of its mathematical advantage by playing blackjack? Yes, as you know, nothing is impossible, but everyone who tried to make a living with this probably knows how hard life will be for a card counter.

The casino management does not consist of impenetrable fools and local managers are familiar with this technique. Yes, indeed, some players can really count cards, most often, doing it with the tacit permission of a gambling establishment, but any pro who benefits from this direction will be quickly identified and expelled from the casino.

Actually, it is strongly discouraged to rely solely on card counting in your gambling career, since this is not always possible. The main technique was and remains to provoke the dealer to make mistakes.

Before proceeding directly to the topic of discussion, it is necessary to emphasize that professional players do not perceive card counting as something out of the ordinary, so we leave the question of decency to the reader himself.

How To Choose A Gambling Establishment?

The theater begins with the hanger, and the casino, in the context of the issue in question, begins with the dealer who will serve you. Most often, the trick with card counting can be done in new gambling establishments, which, as a rule, recruit people with no experience or with minimal experience.

We are also interested in casinos that have recently expanded their sphere of influence and increased their staff. Give preference to gambling establishments where the croupiers are not clearly tied to their table – after a break, employees return to another table and continue to work in a new place. This confusion, the need to rebuild, will be beneficial for the experienced player.

The abundance of visitors often forces the casino to open additional tables, and this happens, as practice shows, in places that are not very suitable for these purposes. Actually, your task in this case is to identify the weaknesses of the casino organization and do everything in order to use them to your advantage.

Choosing A Table 

So, if it was not possible to identify a croupier who is too clearly “mowing” and shows signs of unprofessionalism – pay attention to the table layout. We have already talked about choosing a table with a very inconvenient location – one that is located near the source of loud music, traditionally noisy zone of slot machines.

However, you should be careful here and remember that this is a double-edged sword, since irritants should not have any effect on your game. But remember that the croupier in any case will be worse than you and he simply cannot find a time to take a break from loud music, for example.

The more noisy the company surrounds you, the more chances you have to nullify the mathematical advantage of the casino. Sociable, drunk players, brawlers and even ladies with very large cleavages are what you need. Imperceptibly directing the energy of others to the dealer, who will be under the “double attack” – this is the lot of the pros. Such players are also distracted by the attention of pit bosses and dealers, which will allow you to do business.

Behavior Style

If you managed to achieve any results in these investigations, or you were just lucky, and the dealer made a mistake on his own, but made a mistake not in the player’s favor, correct him without unnecessary noise and indignation. If the incident remains outside the attention of the pit boss, win the favor of the casino employee. If you are playing with a weak specialist, point out a few mistakes they made that are beneficial to you – this way, you will strengthen that person’s faith in their honesty. Perhaps there will be more mistakes, since no consequences have come for them.

The administration of the resource does not call for applying these recommendations in practice, the article is for informational purposes only. We are for honest and reasonable passion.

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